Caring for the Environment and the Bereaved

Many people are understanding the benefits of direct cremation. A more secular society, financial constraints, and the desire for more personal celebrations of life are some of the many reasons this service is requested. However, it is also true that some are concerned with the environmental disadvantages of cremation.

Therefore, we believe it appropriate to provide a quality low cost direct service, whilst also ensuring care for the environment. We provide this in three ways.

Our direct cremation service also includes an interment of the cremated remains at one of our natural burial grounds. This can involve a full celebration of life with music, a picnic, or whatever is most appropriate for your loved one. What’s more, three trees are planted for each direct cremation, one with the cremated remains and two others at the natural burial ground. This ensures we help give back to the environment, as well as ensuring a beautiful natural legacy.

We also provide a direct natural burial service. The service is unattended but allows a beautiful place to visit and the knowledge that your loved one is resting with nature.

For those who require a more traditional burial service we also provide our Family Led burial services, providing a caring, complete funeral service or celebration of life at the natural burial ground. As our passion is to do our best to support the bereaved we provide these services at reasonable cost. We strongly believe that at such a difficult time, having to worry about funeral costs is a further concern that creates additional stress.

You are welcome to contact our team at any time for further details on how we look to support the environment and care for the bereaved in everything that we do.