Direct Cremation

We understand that for many reasons a family may wish to select a direct cremation for a loved one.  There may be a request for no formal funeral service or a desire to keep costs low to allow for money to be spent on a more appropriate send off such as a wake or celebration of life.  Whatever the reason, direct cremation is becoming increasingly popular.  

The Natural Burial Company are dedicated to serving all and accordingly now offer direct cremation services.  All arrangements and services are also conducted by the same team who are known and trusted for providing all services at our natural burial grounds.  Therefore you can be certain of care, respect and service at all times.

What is a Direct Cremation?

In simple terms, a direct cremation will be one that is conducted without anyone present.  There is no viewing of the deceased and no funeral service at the crematorium, and the cremation is conducted on a time and day selected by the funeral director.  Many people are finding that this then offers the flexibility to arrange a personal ceremony or celebration of life at a later date.  For example, if the death was in winter a summer date can be arranged for the celebration, or you can wait for a special date such as an anniversary or birthday.

Why “Resting with Nature”

Caring for the environment is essential to our ethos.  Therefore, we will ensure the following for each direct cremation we arrange.

  • We will only use environmentally friendly coffins and caskets
  • For each direct cremation arranged we will plant a minimum of three trees
  • After each cremation a natural interment will be conducted.  The plot will then be seeded with wildflower seeds, encouraging bees, butterflies and nature to flourish.
  • You can further support nature by purchasing a nature home if you wish

Please note that to ensure care in nature, our direct cremation services must be followed by a natural interment at one of our natural burial grounds.  If you require the cremated remains to be returned to you or to be interred elsewhere, we recommend you use the services of another funeral director.  There are many excellent funeral directors who will provide you with this service.

Direct Cremation Costs

Each service includes removal of the deceased during normal working hours, within a twenty-mile radius of one of our burial grounds* and care in hygienic conditions until the day of the service**.   All arrangements and administration, doctors certificates if appropriate.  The provision of an environmentally friendly coffin, cremation fees, and discreet transport and our team on the day of the cremation.

Direct Cremation with Natural Burial Service or Celebration

After the cremation, our team will contact you to arrange a service or celebration at one of our natural burial grounds.  The interment will be at a day and time as selected by you (note: a supplement will be charged if a Saturday service is required) and the plot will be selected by our team.  The cost will include our colleague to support you on the day.  All interment fees.  A loose interment of the cremated remains.  A choice of tree for the grave (Silver Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Crab Apple or Holly) and a Slate Marker Plaque.

Two additional native trees will also be planted.

The Cost of Direct Cremation with Natural Burial Service or Celebration is £1,990.

  • A supplementary charge of £100 is applicable for a service on a Saturday
  • A Shelter and Chairs can be provided for an additional £350
  • A Bamboo Casket (Glade) can be provided for £70, or an English Willow Casket for £95 (View Casket)

Direct Cremation with Unattended Interment at Natural Burial Ground

After the cremation, our team will conduct a respectful unattended interment at one of our natural burial grounds.  You will be informed that the interment has been conducted and at which natural burial ground. We will also provide a certificate of interment.  Whilst you will not be informed of the exact interment spot, we believe that the natural beauty of our burial grounds is a fitting tribute to those in our care, therefore you can visit to remember your loved one and to celebrate nature.

This service includes planting of three native trees.

The Cost of the Direct Cremation with Unattended Interment at Natural Burial Ground is £1,750.

You may purchase a Slate Memorial Plaque to be placed in the memorial area of the burial ground for an additional £105.

With either service you may also purchase a nature box to be fixed at the natural ground, details are available here Nature Boxes

*Additional charges may be applicable if the removal is out of office hours.  Furthermore, removal away from a 20-mile radius of our burial grounds may attract an additional charge.

**For up to three weeks following removal.