Full Natural Burial

Whilst we work with all local funeral directors, we understand that not everyone wishes to use the services of a traditional funeral director.  The desire for more personal and family led goodbyes is growing, and we are finding that there is a great demand for personalised family services. 

Therefore, we can provide simple, personalised funeral services to meet family needs.  Our services do not include many aspects of a traditional funeral, such as paying your respects at a chapel of rest or providing limousines.  If a traditional funeral service meets your requirements, we will gladly provide you with a list of funeral directors in your area.

However, for those who require a simple, personalised goodbye, without a traditional funeral director, we pride ourselves on being able to arrange and conduct extremely personal funeral services, whilst endeavouring to provide competitive pricing to help support families as well as caring for the environment.

The Traditional Natural Burial Service:

  • Making all arrangements and administration, including all local meetings, visits as required, also support before, during and after the burial service.
  • Removal of the person who has died within office hours from a hospital within 20 miles of any of our burial grounds (additional mileage charges may apply if the person died outside of this area – an estimate of costs will always be provided).
  • Care of the person who has died in hygienic conditions (for up to three weeks) until the day of the funeral service, including dressing in own environmentally friendly clothing if required.
  • Transport by estate car or private ambulance to the natural burial ground.
  • A graveside service at the natural burial ground. Provision of a Bluetooth Speaker for playing music before, during and after the service if required. 
  • Help and support of our team throughout the arrangements and on the day of the service. 
  • Complimentary simple refreshments are provided – tea, coffee, squash, and biscuits.  This is subject to Covid or other restrictions in place at the time of the service.

The cost of the above services is £1,360

(Exclusive of Coffin/Casket selection and additional costs as listed below).

Additional Costs

We can provide you with a list of well respected local celebrants if you wish:

  • We can provide a list of well-respected celebrants known to us if you wish.
  • Out of hours removal of the person who has died £190.
  • Shelter, up to 30 chairs, and team presence to support picnic (up to 5.30pm) £350.
  • Slate Memorial Plaque £105.
  • Services after 5.30pm and/or torchlit services. Price on Application.
  • Additional charge for Saturday Service £200.
  • Additional charge for Traditional Motor Hearse £100.

The Cost of a Natural Burial Funeral Service inclusive of Coffin/Casket:

The above services with a Manilla Cardboard Coffin – £1,600. 

The above services with a Bamboo Eco2 Coffin (Traditional or Round Shape) – £1,780.



The above services with an English Willow Eco2 Coffin (Traditional or Round Shape) – £1,980.



Alternative Environmentally Friendly Coffins, Caskets and Shrouds are also available. Coffins-Caskets-and-Shroud-Range-May-2024.pdf (thenaturalburialcompany.co.uk)

  • Flowers not included in coffin price. Environmentally Friendly floral tributes and/or coffin decoration can be arranged.

A full written estimate is always provided at the earliest opportunity