Why Direct Natural Funerals?

For many reasons more people are choosing a direct funeral. Money is tight, many people do not have a religious faith, and there is a desire to move away from the traditional Victorian style funeral towards a celebration of life. As such, many funeral directors now offer an unattended (direct) cremation, and new companies have emerged. You may have seen some of these companies advertising on the television, or social media such as Facebook.

We have noticed this change and have spoken to many people who have explained that they have used the services of an internet based company, but would have preferred to have made all arrangements with us if at all possible. So we thought the time is right to offer such a service.

Our ethos is simple – Care for the Bereaved, Care for the Environment , and Challenge Funeral Poverty. Providing direct services allows us to care for the bereaved, and challenge funeral poverty. However, we are currently unaware of any company that is providing a complete Direct Cremation whilst also caring for the environment. A number of companies will offer to plant a tree to help alleviate the environmental damage of cremation. But we believe that more is needed. Therefore, we will plant three trees for each Direct Cremation conducted. One tree will be planted after the interment of cremated remains, and a further two planted at one of our natural burial grounds. We believe that this will help make a real difference as the trees grow and have a positive impact upon the environment.

Furthermore, our natural burial grounds are managed with a light touch, allowing nature and biodiversity to thrive. The burial grounds are a living tribute to everyone resting with us, caring for our world and providing a beautiful place for everyone to visit and remember.

And we don’t just arrange Direct Cremations. We also conduct Direct Natural Burials which are unattended, but allow all of the other advantages of a natural burial. And, whilst you will not be aware of the exact location of the grave, you will be able to visit the burial ground to be surrounded by natural beauty, peace and tranquillity.

Finally, all of our direct services are arranged and conducted by the very same team who care for our standard services. Our dedicated, caring, experienced team are here for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information, or if we can help in any way.