Memorials and Cremated Remains

Caskets Price List

Memorial Trees and Shrub

Trees and shrubs are carefully chosen to maximise the chances of successful growth.  You will be invited to attend and participate in the planting of your tree.  Typically, this is arranged in Spring and Autumn, subject to weather conditions.  We will monitor the health of your tree and take necessary action within 5 years of planting up to and including replacement if required.

Note: We cannot be responsible for failure of trees planted during the months May – September, therefore, whilst we will plant during the summer period upon your insistence, we are unable to provide our usual guarantee for the first twelve months after planting.

Direct Cremations

Included within the cost of interment is three Silver Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Crab Apple or Holly trees.  For the interment tree the following may be selected for the following surcharge.

Wild Cherry or Field Maple    £90

Direct and Full Burials

With Full Burials the ground must settle prior to the tree being planted, in normal circumstances this is takes approximately six months. 

Silver Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Crab Apple or Holly    £190
Wild Cherry or Field Maple    £280
Oak     £450

Caring for Nature

Nature Homes for Insects, Ladybirds, Moths, and Solitary Bee’s from £30

Bat Roosting Box £50 each

Bird Nesting Box £50 each

English Willow Cremated Remains Casket     £95

Glade Bamboo Cremated Remains Casket     £70